Counter strike global offensive stats

Counter strike global offensive stats csgo skins com промокод екатеринбург

Xserks 31 kills with awp.

Global Offensive Ever wonder which maps are sided towards which team? Unlocked 17 Jun 1: Xserks 7 kills with mag7. It can be seen as an indicator of how many wins on average is required to achieve a certain rank. What can I do to prevent this in the future? Jlellluu 1 kills with revolver. C t a p bi y 10 kills with cz75a.

Counter - Strike: Global Offensive Game Servers from $/Private Slot! Strike Counter. Android App. Global Offensive. Forums. Counter Strike Stats. Ranking 11,, Players. Posted by xorth. We're happy to announce CSGO Tracker - A site for Tracking all of your CSGO Stats. There are others out there, but we will focus on the core stats, and we will rank them.

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