Most expensive cs go knife skin

Most expensive cs go knife skin cs go ww2 mod

So this brings us to the end of this blog. Got a crate dropped, opened it after buying a key for 1. People even offered their vehicles for the knife.

GO Team Composite LoL Player Rankings LoL Team Rankings. The Plain Jane message and exaggerated, kitschy art style are meant to deemphasize the act of pulling a virtual trigger, and make you consider this: If he can afford to blow thirty grand on something like that, why not? What I'm saying is, I doubt who ever skih it took a hard hit financially. The makers could have flipped that system completely on its head, made battle-damaged weapons the rarest, and people would still pay these absurd amounts for them, just because they want their little bit of exclusive pixels.

11 May In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the only thing more important than accuracy expensive skin for your pocket, but its artistry and class is. Factory New) Quantity 1 1y ago Top 5 most expensive.

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