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She can also use minions to get to you making distance VERY relative to her. If your playing in a ranked match and are able to notice that their is an enemy Irelia irelia counter their team i would recommend running some Flat armor seals and health ireoia. If she's in an even fight, she'll reduce disables by a small amount, if she's outnumbered, she'll reduce disables by a larger amount. Jupotter 6, 7 40 If you can't straight up outdamage her, engage, bait her hiten style and run away.

Irelia Counters based on role and lane matchup stats to assist champion select. CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics for League of Legends. Irelia the Will of the Blades. Melee, Fighter, Assassin. Popular tags for Irelia. Add / Vote tags. Irelia counter tips. Submit counter tip. Champions whom would be able to counter Irelia wolud be Olaf, Skarner, Rumble in top lane due to their High health and sustaining features.

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