Twitch cs go tm

Twitch cs go tm hltv device

He is not toxic anymore. Is he a streamer? I like how Hiko brings these guys together and is like, "why would you do that TM", why would TM be toxic

It was more like TM kept saying dumber and dumber things and everyone just being like " They had a stream last week where it was just the original pair, and they were tearing it up in ESEA without making me want to throw my headset across the room. LIVE Gambit IMT DreamHack Atlan Fluff When s1mple first met TM oddshot. Gambit vs Immortals bo3 PGL Major K I hope people don't donate to him playing this game, the community could really benefit by having him out of it. Someone should edit this into those hard knock life memes that cuts to s1mple dropping 30 and TM getting tilted.

Twitch streamer, frequent CS: GO player. Honestly a really. 22 Jun Having some fun with friendly competitiveness against hiko & tm.. www. creating a . its TM for Hiko, hes got to wear the taylormade.

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