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Leave a comment below with your thoughts and feedback. Wildfire is scheduled to last until June 17th, Melee Knife Wildffire Gold Knife Gut Knife Huntsman Knife Butterfly Knife Bayonet.

This item has been banned because it violates the Steam Terms of Service. Are you looking for a Gemini campaign wildvire Dust II Dust Map Aztec Inferno Nuke Cobblestone. What's the fastest way to get Silver and Gold? Operation Vanguard Weapon Case.

FUN. OPERATION WILDFIRE (Coins, Cases, and Missions Tutorial). Gold Operation Wildfire Coin Showcase. FUN. Operation Hydra: Quickest way to upgrade the coin + operation overview. The Operation Wildfire coin is upgraded by fulfilling the missions that are displayed in the main menu of the game after obtaining the Operation Wildfire pass. The Operation Wildfire coin, upgradeable through the completion of challenge missions. An Operation Journal that tracks your stats in official competitive matches and includes a Friends Leaderboard.

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