H бани хоп в кс го

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After closing their client the mouse slows down for a good second sometimes. I can't do that in GO, you're right. So yeah, really not that much different than just timing with mouse wheel.

Click mouse wheel and up and down will jump, press it again and it goes back to scrolling weapons. There really isn't anything in movement that's different between the pros atm. You can't get that speed with stamina and you can't jump that many times while keeping it without changing the stamina cvars. It's very easy once you memorize the exact spot you need to aim for. Movement is so boring in CS: I have no idea how other orgs like ESEA and such have handled that but I'm sure you can find something about it in their rules.

14 Jan h freesteamcs.com Athletico · PGL Major Tips & GuidesHow to Bhop скилла помогут консольные команды CS:GO. А ВСЕ команды предоставлю hop when I press that button. I am just h NRG GODSENT.

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